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Petition Filing
Decisions on TAA Petitions

Timeframe and Process

Generally, 40 days after receiving a TAA petition, the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (OTAA) will make a final determination on whether or not the eligibility requirements have been met.

Certified Petitions

If the eligibility requirements have been met, the OTAA will issue the worker group a Certification Regarding Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance.  “Worker Adjustment Assistance” includes individual benefits available to eligible workers under the TAA program.

Who is covered by the Certification

Generally, the certification covers all members of the worker group as described in the certification, who are laid off during the three-year period beginning one year before the petition was filed and ending two years after the date of the certification.  Each certification specifies the beginning and ending dates. 

Denied Petitions

If the eligibility requirements are not met, the OTAA will issue the worker group a "Negative Determination Regarding Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance." A negative determination denies workers certification of eligibility to apply for TAA services and benefits.

Workers who are denied certification for TAA may:  (1) request administrative reconsideration of their petition; (2) appeal the denial; and/or (3) apply for reemployment services from other programs such as those available through the Workforce Investment Act’s Dislocated Worker Program, also available through local One-Stop Career Centers. 

Notification of Certification or Denial

The OTAA will notify petitioners and a company official of its determination.  If the petition is certified, the CTDOL will notify the individual workers in the group.  Workers who are certified by OTAA and who have lost their jobs, have had their work hours reduced, or have been notified of potential layoffs, may then apply for individual benefits under TAA that will help them obtain suitable employment.  Certified workers apply for individual services and benefits through their local One-Stop Career Centers.

How to Apply for TAA

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