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LEAN Government Services
What Is LEAN?

A customer-driven waste reduction technique that:

  • Examines a current process.

  • Improves efficiency by decreasing process time.

  • Produces a product or service to the demand of internal and external customers.

  •  Initiates organizational change.

Lean is the relentless pursuit of Waste.  A Lean organization produces more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities.  Lean establishes a systematic approach to eliminating these wastes and creating flow throughout the whole organization.

Lean Misconceptions

1.  Lean is only for manufacturing businesses.

  • Lean originated on the manufacturing shop floor, but was extended to service and support functions.

  • Waste exists in all business processes.

  • Eliminating waste improves stakeholder satisfaction. 

2.  Increasing productivity creates higher stress.

  • Stress is higher when productivity is low and customer expectations are high.

3.  Eliminating waste results in the loss of jobs.

  • Frees up staff time to work on backlog of work.
  • Can do new projects/do more for the customer.

4.  Lean is a “Flavor of the Month”.

  • Lean is a sound, customer-centered business practice that results in improved outcomes.

5.  Focusing on higher internal efficiency means less attention to the customer.

  • Eliminating waste allows people to focus on customer satisfaction and new projects/opportunities.
  • Documenting the process and making it transparent establishes the basis for customer value-added improvement.
  • Frees up time to do more for the customer.

6.  Lean costs a lot of money to implement.

  • "Spend ideas, not dollars”
  • People are greatly underutilized resources

LEAN Government Services

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