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Techniques Used

Leveraging the strength of many minds.  The candid unevaluated flow of ideas, which allows for creative suggestions in developing solutions to problems.

Simple rules when using the Brainstorming technique:

  • Everyone participates

  • Brainstorming can be oral or written

  • Identify opportunities within a prescribed time frame

  • Do not evaluate a suggestion made during the process

  • Ideas can be piggybacked on other ideas

  • Focus on the idea not the individual

Process Mapping:

A visual representation of the flow of work presented as a series of steps (symbols) showing the path of the process and the relationship between the steps.

Benefits of Process Mapping

  • Provides structure for thinking through a process

  • Highlights areas where Customer Value and waste are generated

  • Helps magnify overlooked areas

  • Facilitates fixing problems and identifying improvements

Root Cause Analysis:
A problem is scrutinized, from a general to a specific perspective, to determine its origin.

ďA person is rarely the origin of the problem, but can be one of the symptoms."

LEAN Government Services

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