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CT SIDES Frequently Asked Questions



General SIDES Questions
SIDES stands for State Information Data Exchange System. SIDES is run by the US Department of Labor and its partners, and serves as the vehicle of communication between state unemployment agencies and employers or Third Party Administrators (TPAs), who represent employers. SIDES is intended to replace hard-copy (paper) communication between employers/TPAs and a state unemployment agencies.
For Connecticut employers, and TPAs who represent Connecticut employers, SIDES replaces hard copy lack of work verification notices (form UC-61A) and separation hearing notices (form UC-840E) with an on-line questionnaire.

General SIDES E-Response Questions
SIDES E-Response is an ideal solution for smaller employers and TPAs to exchange separation information with the Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) with regards to unemployment insurance. The employer or TPA uses a web browser to log onto the SIDES web site and answer the on-line questionnaire. Larger employers and TPAs generally would not use E-Response, but rather would incorporate their SIDES communications directly into their IT infrastructure.
When a Connecticut employer is registered for E-Response, CTDOL will cease mailing all hard-copy lack of work verification notices (form UC-61A) and most separation hearing notices (form UC-840E) to the employer when a former employee files for unemployment benefits. Instead, the Agency will send an electronic request for separation information to the employer through SIDES, and will send the employer an e-mail notification that the information request was sent to SIDES.

Please note that occasionally, SIDES employers may be mailed some separation follow-up hard copy forms, even if the employer was initially sent a separation request through SIDES.
There is no cost for using SIDES E-Response beyond normal Internet connection charges.
SIDES is run by the US Department of Labor and its partners, and serves as the vehicle of communication between state unemployment agencies and employers (or their representatives).

CT SIDES is the program CTDOL established for Connecticut employers, and TPAs who represent Connecticut employers, to use SIDES or SIDES E-Response to receive and respond electronically to separation information requests and separation hearing notices from CTDOL.

CT SIDES E-Response Registration
The registration form is available here. Print out the application, enter the requested information, have the form signed by an authorized representative, and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to submit.
CTDOL will send an e-mail message (using the provided e-mail address) after processing the registration form, stating the registration has been processed.
Yes, the employer will be contacted by a CT SIDES representative if there are any problems with the answers on the CT SIDES E-Response registration form.

Notification of SIDES E-Response Information Requests
When a former employee of an E-Response employer files for unemployment, and CTDOL either schedules a separation hearing or needs to verify lack of work, the E-Response employer will receive an e-mail from CTDOL, informing it a separation information request was sent to SIDES. The e-mail will include a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access the site and the site’s web address.
Logging into SIDES E-Response and the SIDES Questionnaire
In order for an E-Response employer to log into SIDES, the employer will need to have its Connecticut Employer Registration number, its Federal Employer Identification number, and the PIN that is included in the e-mail notifying that a separation information request was sent to SIDES for it. The e-mail will also contain the web address of the SIDES login page.
After logging into SIDES, you will see a list of all the E-Response requests you have been sent over the last month. Clicking “Create Response” from a specific request will navigate you to the SIDES questionnaire for that request. Requests that have been previously responded to will indicate when the response was submitted, and will present you with a “Create Amendment” link to make updates.
Yes. However, the sections you will be required to answer will differ, depending on the details of the case.
First-person testimony is generally the best testimony. But if your answers are complete, your response should count for Connecticut’s hearing participation requirement.
As long as the response is submitted by the Response Due Date (see below), CTDOL will schedule a predetermination hearing to cover the separation.

SIDES Attachments
When CTDOL sends a SIDES Separation Information requests, an attachment is included which includes additional information about the case.
Yes, every SIDES Separation Information request will include one attachment.
There are two different attachments. Each SIDES separation information request will include either one attachment or the other, and never both. The attachments are:

UC-61S: This attachment is informational-only. It explains that your former employee indicated stated she/he was laid off. The attachment also includes additional information that we are mandated to provide.

UC-840S: This attachment is included when a hearing with your former employee has been scheduled, based on the separation reason. The attachment also includes questions that augment the SIDES questionnaire.
CTDOL encourages employers to review all information sent to them with a SIDES Separation Information request.
Answering the questions in the SIDES questionnaire is mandatory in order to submit your SIDES response. The SIDES questionnaire covers most separations most of the time. The questions in the UC-840S are intended to augment the SIDES questions for cases where the standard SIDES questions aren’t specific enough. CTDOL encourages employers to review the questions posed in the UC-840S attachment, and answer any that apply to the case.

Note that instead of answering the UC-840S questions on the UC-840S itself, you can include the answers from the UC-840S in the “Additional Separation Information” section in the SIDES questionnaire.

Every SIDES Separation Information request will included a Response Due Date. The date will be displayed at the top of the SIDES questionnaire. The response due date is the date the response needs to be submitted to SIDES in order for it to be considered by CTDOL as timely. Responses submitted 11:59pm of the Response Due Date or earlier will be considered timely.
For lack of work verification cases (form UC-61S is included as the attachment) – The Response Due Date is seven (7) calendar days from the date the Separation Information requests was submitted.
For scheduled hearings (form UC-840S is included as the attachment) – The Response Due Date is the day prior to the hearing.
No; the only difference for non-SIDES responses is that the response needs to be physically submitted to CTDOL via fax or mail by the due date by mail or fax.
The E-Response employer will never receive lack of work verification notices (UC-61A) through the mail again unless the employer withdraws from using SIDES.

Separation hearings are generally scheduled through CTDOL’s initial claim system when a claimant initially files for unemployment benefits. All separation hearings with SIDES employers scheduled this way will be generated through SIDES. However, occasionally hearings are scheduled after the claimant has initially filed for unemployment benefits. When this happens, the hard-copy hearing notice for the employer (UC-840E) will be printed and mailed.

Please note that the issues of Refusal of Work and Refusal of Rehire, as well as Vacation and Severance Pay issues, are not supported by SIDES. When a hearing is scheduled for one of these issues, hard-copy notifications will be mailed to the employer, even if the employer is a SIDES participant.

Also note that occasionally there may be separation-related follow-up paperwork mailed from CTDOL.

Lastly, if the SIDES system experiences problems, CTDOL has the ability to temporarily switch all SIDES employers and TPAs back to paper-based notifications so hearing notices and lack of work verification can be delivered in a timely fashion.
Yes, if an educational institution or professional sports employer “reasonable assurance” hearing is scheduled during the initial claims process and the employer is a SIDES participant, the notification will be sent through SIDES. The applicable “reasonable assurance” questionnaire is part of the UC-840S attachment.
More information on SIDES E-Response can be found here:


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